Introduction to Industrial Mixer

In the manufacturing industry, the best experts mostly reliable for the high-quality finished products are the industrial mixers. With the varying types of blades, pressure, speed, tanks, and configurations, they are designed to work effectively according to the need of the different substances that require processing.

Industrial mixers perform best when they work on elements, materials, and substances whose characteristics suit their features and functions well. Essentially, manufacturers must have correct and adequate knowledge about each type of an industrial mixer so that they will be able to leverage every piece of equipment that they will invest in. By then, the manufacturing industry will be able to increase its overall productivity and efficiency.

At an industrial scale, efficient mixing can be difficult to achieve. A great deal of engineering effort goes into designing and improving mixing processes. Mixing at industrial scale is done in batches (dynamic mixing), inline or with help of static mixers. Moving mixers are powered with electric motors that operate at standard speeds of 1800 or 1500 RPM, which is typically much faster than necessary. Gearboxes are used to reduce speed and increase torque. Some applications require the use of multi-shaft mixers, in which a combination of mixer types are used to completely blend the product.

In addition to performing typical batch mixing operations, some mixing can be done continuously. Using a machine like the Continuous Processor, one or more dry ingredients and one or more liquid ingredients can be accurately and consistently metered into the machine and see a continuous, homogeneous mixture come out the discharge of the machine. Many industries have converted to continuous mixing for many reasons. Some of those are ease of cleaning, lower energy consumption, smaller footprint, versatility, control, and many others. Continuous mixers, such as the twin-screw Continuous Processor, also have the ability to handle very high viscosities.

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Taikkiso provides top quality Industrial Mixer

Taikkiso has dedicated product manager and repair engineer for not only product introduction but also for providing clients with professional system engineering design, equipment specification and clarification, and other professional and technical consultation. They are also able to provide support for after-sales installation, predictive and regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and other services.

Taikkiso has an experienced and independent maintenance and repair team, Repair Shop that received authorization from manufacturers, and service bases and warehouses located in Taipei, Mailiao, Kaohsiung, and other regions. These features can quickly meet the urgent needs of clients and establish a trustworthy repair and maintenance services with good reputation.

Milton Roy Mixer

Side-entry mixer

    Industries: petrochemicals, natural gas, chemicals, lubricating oil, water treatment, mixing, food and beverage, paint, medicine, agriculture, and others (fertilizer/mining)

Typically, large storage tanks require the constant mixing of contents, but roof-mounted agitators cannot support the heavy load. In response, Milton Roy Mixing has developed a specific range of side-entry mixers for large-volume storage tanks.

The side-entry mixer is mounted quickly and easily to the tank flange and delivers the most effective blending results in an extremely efficient unit. Our innovative small diameter SABRE® impeller allows for reduced energy consumption and easy installation.

In addition, Milton Roy can ensure proper agitation using numerical simulation of fluid flows (CFD). This helps to forecast and predict the storage tanks mixing with no dead zone, and lower energy consumption compared to conventional solutions. M can also provide an adjustable agitator to increase the scope enclosure.

Milton Roy Mixer

Top-entry mixer

    Industries: chemicals, mixing (asphalt, paint, ink, additives, adhesives, textiles, lubricants, fermentation tanks, etc.), petrochemicals, natural gas, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, fertilizer, mineral

From petroleum, chemical industry, mining to food processing, all walks of life have different demands for mixers. Milton toy also offers a variety of types in the field of top entry mixers, such as Helisem top-entry mixer, Helimix folding blade mixer, HM series top-entry mixer, and Robin top-entry & bottom entry mixer.

In various manufacturing processes, Milton Roy’s top-entry mixer can bring the best benefits to customers. For example, the Helisem series is designed for open / pressure tanks. It is characterized by high efficiency and energy saving. It is suitable for solution mixing, solid suspension, coagulation and other processes. It is widely used in water treatment, fine chemical industry, terminal products and other industries.

Helimix series can overcome the problems of narrow opening and short processing time of medium bulk containers; HM series has the characteristics of small volume, energy saving, high reliability and long service life, which can be widely used in severe environment such as water treatment, chemical processing, mining and general industry.

The Robin series can withstand high temperature, and the design of large diameter axial flow impeller can ensure mixing in the whole tank, so as to carry out homogenization treatment at higher temperature. The shear force required for fluid flow can be achieved even at low speed. Its application covers the application of chemical industry, fertilizer for agriculture, minerals, etc.

We can provide a full range of professional sales services such as product descriptions, various engineering designs, equipment specification selection and clarification, installation guidance, and commissioning assistance.