Introducing LEWA Smart Monitoring System


LEWA Smart Monitoring is a monitoring system consisting of sensors, a programmable logic controller (PLC), an industrial PC (IPC) and data analysis for new and existing pumps.

Maintenance can be carried out in a targeted manner. With wear prediction unplanned shutdowns can be avoided. In this way, customer can increase the availability of their system and thus reduce the entire life cycle costs. The intelligent LEWA Smart Monitoring system is equipped with the latest Industry 4.0 technology and can be easily integrated into customers’ production.


  • Permanent monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Output of error states in plain text with exact error localization
  • Characteristic values for assessing the pipe system and conveyed fluid status
  • Historical data for operating analysis and profitability calculation, energy- and CO2 balance based on pump efficiency
  • Data connection to the local control center via standard OPC UA interface
  • Connection to LEWA customer portal for additional services
  • Exclusive service offers for our Smart Monitoring customers

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