Efficient UVC water disinfection solution, creating a safe factory water environment.


With increasing concerns about health and environment, there has been a growing demand for various water disinfection solutions. The PearlAqua water disinfection modules have become a robust support for ensuring water safety in many industrial settings. Here are some of our latest applications:

Contact Lens Factory:
The PearlAqua Deca 30C water disinfection module has been successfully implemented in a renowned contact lens factory, providing a safer and more effective water disinfection solution. This UVC LED water disinfection module assists the factory in efficiently killing bacteria and microorganisms in the water during the manufacturing process, without any chemical additives, ensuring the production of contact lenses that are safer for consumers.

Coconut Water Factory:
Furthermore, the PearlAqua Kilo high-flow water disinfection module has provided a reliable water disinfection solution for a coconut water factory. The Kilo efficiently kills bacteria and microorganisms from water, coconut water, and syrup, and treats circulating water to ensure safe water quality. This innovative technology not only helps factories establish a secure water environment but also provides better health protection for consumers, making it a promising solution for improving hygiene standards in the beverage industry.

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