• Aquisense PearlSurface 24G9 UV-C LED

Aquisense PearlSurface 24G9 UV-C LED

Industries: medical institutions, personal protection, police and fire departments, factories, food preparation


The PearlSurface 24G9 offers consistent UV-C LED performance for surface disinfection in a safe and convenient device.

Designed for automated non-contact, non-chemical disinfection of high-touch devices and PPE, our intention is to give essential workers the peace of mind that their items are disinfected using a reliable method within their own control.


• Consistent UV Dose

• Powerful Lamp Configuration

• 3M Evaluated for N95 Reuse Stability

• Variety of Uses

• Integrated UV Protection


• Small healthcare clinics​

• Hospital wards

• Nurse stations​

• Medical offices

• Long term care facilities​

• Laboratories​

• First responders​

• Dental offices​

• Restaurants

uv-c led 表面消毒處理

UV Dose

The PearlSurface 24G9 offers a consistent UV Dose throughout the reactor body providing reliable disinfection with integrated timer.

AquiSense UVC LED

Powerful Lamp Configuration

The PearlSurface provides powerful disinfection results with replaceable UV LED lamp modules. Each module has integrated thermal control and is rated up to 10,000 hour lifetime.

N95 face mask

3M Evaluated for N95 Reuse Stability

PearlSurface is the only UV-C LED system listed on 3M’s technical bulletin regarding the reuse of N95 masks. See the bulletin here.


Variety of Uses

UV light disinfection is ideal for surfaces including high-touch devices, and PPE.

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

Integrated UV Protection

PearlSurface comes with an integrated timer and a hinged door with safety interlock preventing unwanted UV exposure outside the system.


Product NamePearlSurface
Model Name24G9
Minimum UV Dose  (mJ / cm2) at 20 minutes700*
Weight  [kg (lbs)]13.6 (30)
Lamp Replacement Interval  [hours]10,000
Max Ambient Temp  [°C (°F)]45 (113)
Input Voltage  [V DC]12 [110/240 AC power supply included]
Input Power  [W]190 (max)
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