• AquiSense PearlAero Micro UVC LED System for Air Treatment

AquiSense PearlAero Micro UVC LED System for Air Treatment

Applications: air treatment, indoor spaces


AquiSense PearlAero Micro is the world’s smallest UV disinfection system for air treatment. The Micro offers disinfection through UV-C LEDs and a patented flow cell design. PearlAero Micro is designed to be integrated into point-of-use systems and processes.

UV-C LED Air air


Provides an instant on/off, mercury free, UV-C LED disinfection platform solution.

Can be engineered to suit specific application needs.

The small size of the LEDs allows for a variety of new applications unseen in UV air disinfection.

Wavelength selection and customized UV-C LED array structures allow for targeted inactivation of specific pathogens.


• Small confined rooms

• Recirculating air-flow

• Small research rooms

• Food & beverage process rooms​

• Humidifiers

• Odor control on fume hood

• Evaporated water mist

• Post HEPA filter “polishing”

Hospital Air

Portable Oxygen Tanks

Dental Chairs

CPAP Machine

Scuba Tank

Air Intake

Hand Dryers

Array for HVAC

The UV-C LED array provides disinfection for HVAC components, extending the life for air filters, activated carbon, ozone traps, and titanium dioxide.

UV-C LED in HEPA filter
UV-C LED support HEPA filter
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