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Nikkiso Hydrogen Fueling Stations Solution

Industry: Gas (Hydrogen Fueling Station)


Nikkiso provides total integrated solutions for Hydrogen Fueling Stations. Utilizing our Group’s global resources and products, we are able to provide solutions to our customers with the lowest total cost of ownership.

We are unique in that many of the critical and proprietary cryogenic products are designed and manufactured within the Nikkiso Cryogenic Industries facilities.

Additionally, we utilize our established relationships with key partners, to complement the in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities. The result is the total engineering, procurement and fabrication of your project. This ensures the highest quality equipment and guarantees a timely and successful project outcome.

With over 50 years’ experience in the cryogenic equipment business, we bring together the people, products and experience needed for system integration and single source responsibility.

Nikkiso LH2 Fueling Stations Integrated Solutions

.350bar or lower dispensing for: fuel cell buses, forklifts, trucks, trains, etc.

.700bar dispensing for: fuel cell passenger vehicles, trucks, etc.

.LH2 Supply Solutions

.LH2 trailer offloading stations or satellites

.LH2/GH2 trailer loading stations or satellites

.LH2 transfilling stations with above trailer loading stations or satellites

.LH2 bunkering system

.LH2 fuel gas supply system (FGSS)

.LH2 regasification system

hydrogen filling station

Typical Hydrogen Fueling Station

hydrogen fueling station