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LEWA High-pressure Plunger Pumps

Industries: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas


LEWA high-pressure plunger pumps are primarily used in the oil, gas, petrochemicals and refineries industries. They work against high pressures that occur when pumping and conditioning crude oil and natural gas.

LEWA high-pressure pumps are robust, quiet, efficient, cost-saving and, thanks to their double-helical gear unit, practically free of axial load. Their space and weight-saving design makes them ideally suited for offshore applications, such as on drilling platforms.

Fast and cost-efficient maintenance

The pump guarantees free access to all wear parts; no special tools are required for maintenance. The drive unit design also enables easy and cost-effective maintenance and servicing as a result of the divided housing.

Less suction pressure required

Due to little suction pressure loss, the LEWA plunger pump does not require any booster pump. This will not only save you costs but also maintenance time and wear parts for the booster pump.

Internal return of leakage

Leaking fluid from any potential leaks on the packaging is returned to the inside. An external pump with its own piping and monitoring is not necessary.

Internal gear unit

The gear unit’s integrated double helical gearing allows for an incredibly compact design for minimum space requirements. The smooth transmission of force results in a longer service life and lower noise emissions.


Methanol injection, Gas drying with glycol, Production of biofuels

Pump Head Variants

LEWA offers different pump heads for different applications. The spectrum ranges from universally applicable variants up to special designs for high temperatures, pressures or aggressive fluids.

Type KMC-L
LEWA plunger pump head KMCL

Discharge pressure up to 1,000 bar
Flow rate up to 209 m3/h
Temperatures of -20 to 200 °C
Viscosity up to 2,000 mPa·s
Available with disc or cone valves

Type KA-H
LEWA plunger pump head KA_H

Discharge pressure up to 1,500 bar (up to 3,500 bar upon request)
Flow rate 0.6 – 18.8 m3/h
Temperatures of -20 to 200 °C
Viscosity up to 2,000 mPa·s
Available with disc valves

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