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  • LEWA triplex® Diaphragm Process Pumps for High-pressure Processes

LEWA triplex® Diaphragm Process Pumps for High-pressure Processes

Industries: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas, power plant, food


Whether in the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, the food industry or the energy sector, the LEWA triplex diaphragm process pump has been used everywhere in high-pressure applications.

The pump features tried-and-tested, patented LEWA diaphragm technology, absolutely secure and reliable operation and the world’s most compact design for a process pump. It also has the advantages of a long service life, minimal life cycle costs and high energy efficiency.

It is available in six different sizes, this allows its use in a wide assortment of processes and applications and lets it fulfill a wide range of requirements.

Hermetically tight

Work without dynamic seals, due to their design. No external emissions and contamination of the fluid is impossible.

Maximum operational safety

Secure against misuse and against impermissible operating states. A monitoring system indicates possible diaphragm damage immediately. The pump can still be operated for a limited time.

Compact design

Extremely space-saving and weight-saving monoblock design of the LEWA triplex, also ideal for applications with very little installation space.

Custom-made solutions

The modular system permits a wide variety of solution options – from the flexible modular construction, to the space-saving monoblock design, all the way through to special solutions.

Lowest life cycle costs

The assemblies run for decades in continuous operation. Our pumps achieve the highest efficiency of any pump technology.


. Methanol injection
. Wet oxidation of waste water
. Polymerization
. Extraction with supercritical fluids
. CCS carbon capture and storage
. Production of melamines
. Production of polyurethane
. Metering of caprolactam
. Production of biodiesel
. Disposal of hydrocarbon condensate

. Pharmaceutical spray drying
. Gas drying with glycol
. Homogenization of milk
. Production of biofuels
. Coal refinement with remote-head

  metering pumps in condensing systems
. Flue gas cleaning by means of

  metering sulfur
. Production of gelatine
. Autonomous energy utilities

. High purity systems
. Dilution of emulsifiers
. Extracting omega-3 fatty acids using

  supercritical CO2
. Production of creams
. Hydroconversion in refinery processes
. Fractionation
. LPG fuel pumps for marine engines
. Sulfuric acid injection in copper heap



Pump head M900

Pressure: 500 bar
Flow rate: 6 m³/h
Temperature: -20/+150 °C
Viscosity: 100.000 mPa∙s

Pump head M800

Pressure: 1.000 bar
Flow rate: 1,1 m³/h
Temperature: -10/+60 °C
Viscosity: 100.000 mPa∙s

Pump head M500

Pressure: 350 bar
Flow rate: 19 m³/h
Temperature: -50/+150 °C
Viscosity: 00.000 mPa∙s

Pump head M400

Pressure: 1.200 bar
Flow rate: 0,8 m³/h
Temperature: -40/+200 °C
Viscosity: 500 mPa∙s

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