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Nikkiso Cosmodyne Liquefiers

Industry: Gas


Nikkiso Cosmodyne’s LINEX series of natural gas liquefiers liquefy a clean stream of natural gas. The plant utilizes a proven and environmentally friendly, closed-loop nitrogen expansion cycle as the refrigerant.

The LINEX plants are ideally designed for the new high horsepower users LNG in the rail, marine, mining, trucking and oilfield markets.

Traditional users such as utility peak shaving, power generation, virtual pipelines and commercial / industrial operations are also excellent fits for the LINEX technology.

The LINEX series plants are modular and allow an operator to scale-up according to market demands by building up their capacity in a series of trains.

Each plant is a modularized, skid-mounted system manufactured at Nikkiso Cosmodyne’s facilities for standard over-the-road shipping and easy installation.

Cosmodyne liquefier


.CAPEX savings with lower cost non-hydrocarbon compressors and expanders

.OPEX savings from proportional turndown efficiency (up to 65% efficient turndown)

.Expandable for growing with the market

.Inherent safety with inert, non polluting, corrosion-free nitrogen refrigerant

.Simple and rapid return to service after shutdown

.Automatic efficiency boost when ambient temperatures fall

.Operation easily adapts to changing feed gas composition

.Many More Tailored to Customer Requirements


Cosmodyne can supply the entire process package including gas conditioning and pretreatment, hydrocarbon separation, liquefaction, storage and loading.

Peak Shaving

Leader in peak shaving solutions for the North American Market, Cosmodyne has supplied complete systems including gas treatment, liquefaction, storage, in-tank send-out pumps and send-out vaporization.

Merchant LNG Distribution Systems

Cosmodyne can provide its clients with a one-stop package for a merchant LNG facility including gas treatment, liquefaction, storage and truck loading systems.

Additionally, we can also supply modular unloading and regasification skids for our client’s use points.


Highly efficient modular boil off gas management systems for land based (terminal) and marine applications.

Cosmodyne liquefier
Cosmodyne liquefier
Cosmodyne liquefier