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Milton Roy Helisem Top-entry Mixers

Industries: chemicals, general industry, petrochemical, natural gas, water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverages


The HELISEM® Series offers 4 distinct models – VDA, VRP, VRH, and FRH – each with a specific impeller, to support a wide range of open tank applications from 10 to 100,000 gallons (50 L to 400 m3) and viscosities up to 1000 mPas (cP) at 1.3 specific gravity.

Powerful and compact the HELISEM® Series provides energy efficiency in a lightweight mixer with uncompromising results.


  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Easy to install and maintain, saving valuable manpower and resources
  • Solid shafts provide easier cleaning while reducing resistance and corrosion
  • FRH and VRH mixers can rotate during emptying, filling and can be equipped with a frequency inverter
  • Quick to ship


.Chemical Industry. Mixing and storage of chemical products

.General Industry. Agitation of bitumen, painting, inks, additives, adhesives, textiles, lubricants

Oil and gas. Additives injection

Water treatment. Flocculation, neutralization, preparation and storage of reagents (lime milk, polymer, ferric chloride…)

Pharmaceuticals. Additives injection, dilution and storage for numerous applications

Food & Beverage. Additives injection, dilution and storage for numerous applications.



The VDA model is a motor driven mixer available with a variety of marine impellers and mounting options.


The VRP model is a gearmotor driven mixer using a pitch blade turbine (PBT) impeller. An ideal mixer for a wide range of applications, the VRP offers mixing during emptying, filling or with a variable speed drive.


The FRH model is a gearmotor driven mixer equipped with the HP2 impeller with 2 blades. This model was specifically designed for flocculation in water treatment. The HP2 impeller is designed to generate good flow with the least shear possible, making it ideal for flocculation.


The VRH model is a gearmotor driven mixer equipped with the HP1 propeller with 3 blades. This is a powerful mixer with an improved hydraulic efficiency to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.

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