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Nikkiso Metering Pump

Industries: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas, semiconductor, power plant, steel


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NIKKISO METERING PUMPS are designed to operate under toughest applications for continuous operation. With the precise handling, stoke length is adjustable from 0~100% while the pump is running or stopped. NIKKISO METERING PUMPS comform to American Petrochemical Institute API-675 2nd edition design requirement.

.Steady state accuracy within +0.5% under 10:1 turndown ratio
.Repeated accuracy within 3% under 10:1 turndown ratio
.Liner accuracy within 3% under 10:1 turndown ratio

Maximum Flow: 261 l/min
Maximum Head: 500 kg/cm2G
Temperature Range: 300,000 CP

Advantages of Nikkiso Metering Pump

Unique X crank system: X crank system was developed to achieve high piston force, high rotating speed, precise stroke setting and durability at the highest level. Single solid piece X crank eliminates play and vulnerable pins from the crankshaft.
Auto air-vent and relief valve:Constant amount of hydraulic oil is exhausted at every discharge stroke from air vent valve to bleed entrained air. Thus, the hydraulic chamber is always maintained to be air entrapment free for high accuracy and performance stability.

Internal relief valve:To ensure no diaphragm crack due to high internal pressure of pump under abnormal operation.
Vacuum operation:Maintain stable operation for -0.3kgf/cm2G vacuum condition.

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