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Nikkiso Small High-speed Non-Seal Pumps

Industry: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, semiconductor, power plant, steel


These pumps are smaller sized pumps which have the same performance characteristics as the Standard Non-Seal® Pumps.

These pumps are ideally suited to assembly with electronic sample temperature controllers and installation in narrow spaces such as air-conditioning units.

.Compact Design (Smaller than magnetic drive!!)


.High Design Pressure


Main usage: cooling the data center, binary power generation, temperature control in the production of semicondoctors, and fryer.

Example of applicable liquid: pure water, heating medium, freon, etc.



. Flow rate max. : 13.2 GPM (3 m3/hr)
. Pump head max. : 180 Feet (55m)
. Fluid temperature range: -30°C – 230°C
. Standard design pressure: 145 psig (1 MPa)
. Specific design pressure: 610 psig (4.2 MPa)
. Liquid end material: SCS13/SUS304
. Motor power range: 2.4 HP (1.8kw)
. P:3-phase, 200V, 120Hz Inverter motor

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