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  • Sundyne LMV 801S Sealless Magnetic Drive API 685 Pump

Sundyne LMV 801S Sealless Magnetic Drive API 685 Pump

Industries: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas, semiconductor, power plant, steel, food


The vertical configuration is specifically designed to save valuable space in refineries, NGL production, petrochemical and chemical plants.

A range of synchronous magnet drives is offered with the pump range, which are rated to match prime mover performance.

For high temperature operation, a corresponding range of torque ring drives is also available and prime mover specifications can be catered for.

Main features

.Single stage, vertical in-line overhung pump according to ISO 13709/API 685 sealless magnetic drive design recommendations

.Sealless magnetic drive can be installed on any existing LMV 801 without changing piping or wet end components

.No leaks for improved safety and environmental contamination

.Safe for handling difficult or hazardous liquids

.Less downtime for maintenance

.Increased durability and reliability with cartridge seals

.Maximized up time

.Saves space @ 25% the size of competing horizontal pumps

.ATEX certified


Hydrocarbon Processing

.Sour water
.Sulfuric acid


.Produced water

.Oil & Water Process Pumps
.High Suction Pressure Pumps
.High Capacity, High Pressure Pumps
.Produced Water Start Up Pumps
.Oil Start Up Pumps
.Gylcol Dehydration Pumps
.Sampling Pumps

.Closed Drain Pumps
.Flare Knockout Pumps
.Seawater Cooling Pumps
.Booster Pumps
.Heat Transfer Fluid Pumps
.Condensate Pumps


Sundyne LMV801S Performance 60Hz
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Sundyne LMV801S Performance 50Hz
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