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Sundyne PPI Industries Diaphragm Compressors

Industries: oil refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, gas, power plant, semiconductor


Sundyne diaphragm compressors deliver total assurance of non-contaminating gas compression. Boasting a leak tight mechanism that features static seals which do not need to be purged or vented, these compressors present absolutely no leakage threat to the atmosphere, providing an ideal solution for safely handling ultra-pure, corrosive and volatile gases.

Additionally, the diaphragm compressors are designed to isolate the process media from the piston or piston rings with a set of metallic diaphragms, completely eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

Built to meet stringent API 618 standards for reciprocating compressors, these machines are available in a variety of flexible configurations and sizes, making them easily customizable to meet the ideal pressure ratio for your application.

Backed by our global network of Authorized Service Centers and support staff, Sundyne diaphragm compressors are the reliability focused solution for customers operating in the petrochemical, refining, electron gas, specialty gas and polysilicon production industries.

Main features

PPI diaphragm compressors feature heavy duty components custom engineered to ensure reliable operation. We performance test every compressor in the factory and document operating data to meet your specific service and operating parameters.

.Proprietary designs evolved from years of field experience assures reliability in the most demanding applications and environments

.Thorough factory testing prior to shipment verifies guaranteed test point

.Critical components, including the crankcase assembly and connecting rod(s), are designed for long life with minimal maintenance

Common PPI Compressor Applications

.Hazardous gases
.Corrosive gases
.Typical Markets

Typical Markets

.Speciality Gas
.Silicon Manufacturing
.Pilot Plants

Main Types

Sundyne PPI 7000
Sundyne PPI 4L

Models and Specifications

ModelStage TypeMaximum Working PressureMaximum DisplacementMaximum Motor Size
B16,500 psig (44.8 Mpa)2 cfm (3.5 m3/hr)2.0 hp (1.50 kw)
2000115,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 8 cfm (14 m3/hr)5.0 hp (4.00 kw)
2L215,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 8 cfm (14 m3/hr)5.0 hp (4.00 kw)
4000115,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 50 cfm (85 m3/hr)10.0 hp (7.50 kw)
4L215,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 50 cfm (85 m3/hr)10.0 hp (7.50 kw)
5000130,000 psig (206.8 Mpa) 90 cfm (52 m3/hr)30.0 hp (22.40 kw)
5L215,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 90 cfm (52 m3/hr)40.0 hp (30.00 kw)
7000130,000 psig (206.8 Mpa) 98 cfm (166 m3/hr)50.0 hp (38.00 kw)
7L27,500 psig (51.7 Mpa) 98 cfm (166 m3/hr)50.0 hp (38.00 kw)
9000115,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 110 cfm (187 m3/hr)75.0 hp (55.00 kw)
9L215,000 psig (103.5 Mpa) 400 cfm (680 m3/hr)200.0 hp (150.00 kw)
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