What is UV-C LED?

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun includes UVA, UVB, and UVC bands. Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) wavelength ranges from 100 nm to 280 nm and the shorter the wavelength the more dangerous it is. Wavelength below 200 nm is vacuum ultraviolet and can be absorbed by air, while wavelength ranges between 200 nm and 280 nm can pass through the atmosphere; however the ozone layer acts as a barrier so only a small amount of UV-C reach the earth’s surface.

UV can destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecular structure of microorganisms so that bacteria is destroyed or unable to reproduce, in order to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. UV-C is the shortest wavelength of the UV light and has the strongest destructive effect on DNA. It is extremely harmful to bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, molds, unicellular algae, and other microorganisms. Generally, the sterilization effect can be achieved within 1~2 seconds after UV-C (UV-C wavelength 200-280 nm) irradiation.

The new UV-C LED uses light emitting diodes, which are pure physical luminescence. The advantages are small in size, highly efficient, has long life span, and mercury free. Compare to the traditional mercury lamp, it is safer and more environmentally friendly. With the implementation of “Minamata Convention,” a new environment-friendly and efficient UV-C has been widely used in water purification, air sterilization, solid surface sterilization, and other fields.



Taikkiso’s UV-C LED product lineup and services

The requirements for deep UV UV-C LED modules are different, but they are mainly related to sterilization rate, life cycle, and safety. The main fields of UV-C LED products that Taikkiso represents can be separated into industrial and household. The application of the products include water treatment, surface treatment, air treatment, and experimental research equipment, which can meet the needs of various industries.

According to the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury, the production, import and export of domestic lighting lamps, fluorescent lamps, and a series of non electronic measuring instruments containing mercury products will be prohibited starting from the end of 2020. In August 2020, Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration also issued an announcement “Restrictions on the import of mercury-containing products.” Under the international trend of “gradually limiting and finally banning mercury,” UV-C LED will be applied and developed more and more widely.

Taikkiso has a professional sales and engineering team with rich experiences and technical knowledge. The team adopts high quality development strategy, providing top quality and stable UV-C LED industrial and household water sterilization module in order to meet client’s different needs.

The service tenet of Taikkiso is to timely and efficiently cooperate with and satisfy our clients. Taikkiso continues to uphold the principle of bringing forth products and innovative breakthrough technology, while striving to provide customized products with professional technology. Not only does Taikkiso supply products, we are also reliable business partner.


UVC LED Package

    Industry:home appliances, aerospace, automobile, leisure, food, agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry

uvc led water treatment

UVC LED water sterilization treatment

    Industries: pure water treatment, industrial, medical, leisure, delicate, agriculture, marine, food, aquaculture fishery

PearlAqua series from AquiSense was launched in 2012 and is the world’s first UV-C LED product specifically designed for water disinfection. The system integrates the most advanced LEDs into AquiSense’s unique and sophisticated design without the use of chemicals or mercury lamps. LEDs also have the advantage of on/off switch, infinite circulation, remote start/off, and no-heat-transfer to the processing liquid.

AquiSense team has rich experiences in water treatment and can provide professional solutions for world-class UV-C LED commodity. There are two modes of UV-C water sterilization: “overflow” and “static.” The overflow water sterilization requires high-speed sterilization time, and has higher requirements in UV-C power and waterway design.

Application of UV-C LED water sterilization treatment:
• Water outlet application (e.g. faucet)
• Combined with RO/filtration equipment for terminal sterilization or biofilm inhibition
• Shower head
• Water tap
• Application of water entry point (e.g. water tower)
• AquiSense UV-C LED water module has several series, which can be selected according to water quantity, signal sensor, sterilization demand and application
• Water flow range:1 LPM-48 LPM

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uvc led surface treatment

UV-C LED surface sterilization treatment

    Industries: medical, food, personal protection

PearlSurface homogenizes the UV-C LED light and provides uniform UV intensity distribution on the surface and eliminates hot spots. The 3 x 3 inch PearlSurface UV-C LED module is suitable for any application and can be used alone or assembled into a large array.

Each UV-C LED module can be equipped with a single wavelength and assembled in a way that provides multiple wavelength coverage. PearlSurface homogenizes the LED light source and uses treated surface to provide a uniform intensity distribution to eliminate hot spots.

UV-C LEDs with wavelengths between 265 nm and 285 nm are commonly used for disinfection but other wavelengths can also be used. One of the advantages of UVC LED is that it can select almost any wavelength, so it can reduce pathogens specifically. Miyazaki University and Nikkiso conducted a joint experiment in May 2020 to study the germicidal efficacy of deep ultraviolet (UV-C) LED. In the experiment, the liquid containing the new coronavirus was irradiated with UV-C LED for 30 seconds, and after 3 days, the infectivity was confirmed to have reduced by more than 99.9%. Miyazaki University pointed out that this technology will be expected to be used to prevent infections in medical institutions.

PearlSurface is small in size, strong, light, and easy to install. It is an ideal choice for portable disinfection.

Application of UV-C LED surface sterilization treatment:
•Medical equipment
•Personal item
•Industrial bottling
•Consumables surface
•Product packaging

uvc led air treatment

UV-C LED air sterilization treatment

    Industries: medical treatment, food, research, home, office, commercial places, etc.

Airborne diseases and bacteria can cause serious damage to sophisticated systems or aseptic environments. AquiSense actualizes the world’s smallest UV-C LED air treatment and disinfection system, which can disinfect air through precise UV-C LED technology and innovative reactor design.

PearlAero UV-C LED air treatment disinfection system provides instant on/off function and mercury-free disinfection platform solutions, which is designed to meet specific application requirements. The compact size of LED can be used in various innovative applications of UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection.

One of the applications is the integration of HEPA filters and UV-C LEDs. The HEPA filter can filter 99.97% of particles and organisms larger than 0.3 μ m, while the UV-C LED lamp used in PearlAero can destroy the infectivity of pathogens, regardless of the size.

With wavelength selection and customized UV-C LED array structure, specific pathogens can be targeted to destroy their vitality. PearlAero air disinfection system, as a supplementary treatment step of the HEPA filter, can provide reassuring airborne infection control with flow rates of 0.4 CFM and below. And there will be larger systems in the future.

Air treatment and disinfection applications:
• Small confined spaces
• Circulation air flow
• Small laboratory
• Food and beverage processing room
• Humidifier
• Fume hood odor control
• Evaporation water mist
• Advanced disinfection treatment after HEPA filtration

uvc led research device

UV-C LED lab research equipment

    Industries: biotechnology, medical treatment, related experimental research

UV-C LED is widely used in many fields. In order to develop more innovative applications to meet the needs of the market and the public, more advanced and sophisticated equipment is needed to test and study the ultraviolet spectrum.

UV-C LED has the advantages of Digital Disinfection™ and AquiSense is able to provide researchers with a variety of advanced ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization laboratory equipment. For example, PearlLab Beam™ can provide researchers with reliable and lightweight UV research equipment. One of the products can be used to test all wavelengths in the full UV spectrum, and the other product focuses on 220 nm wavelength or the far UV region.

Since the research of UV-C is still in its initial stage, more study on the disinfection effects is needed in the future. Therefore, after confirming its safety, PearlLab Beam will help with the expansion of UV-C to the consumer market and to further change the method of disinfection globally.

In addition to PearlLab Beam, AquiSense also has PearlLab Micro, PearlLab ThinFilm, PearlLab Plasma, and other equipment to meet various research needs.

Taikkiso is the general agent of AquiSense in the Greater China region, and can provide UV-C LED equipment components to laboratories and OEMs under a B2B business model.

We can provide a full range of professional sales services such as product descriptions, various engineering designs, equipment specification selection and clarification, installation guidance, and commissioning assistance.