LEWA pumps for vaccine production, and other sterile applications in the pharmaceutical industry


Research is currently underway on around 200 possible vaccines against the coronavirus worldwide. One of these 200 companies is a biotech company, which is already well advanced in development.

This biotech company is planning a production scale-up for the end of 2020, for which they have ordered 42 LEWA ecodos LEB5 pumps with servomotors! Our pumps will be used to meter ethanol and aqueous solutions that are essential for the production of medical fluids such as vaccines.

LEWA biomedical grade diaphragm metering pump is a sterile solution specially designed by LEWA for the need for very accurate liquid metering/dosing. It can provide consistently high-quality products with the highest production reliability and strictly controlled manufacturing process. It is the best choice for various aseptic applications in GMP dust-free environment.

To support your task, we have created a flyer on LEWA pumps for sterile applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, we have planned some online marketing activities in this context.
Download flyer.

For more information, visit LEWA’s product page or contact TAIKKISO at (02)2516-3930 / sales@taikkiso.com.tw

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