• Marintime FGSS

Marintime FGSS

NCEIG marine products portfolio

Ship systems for Liquified Cargoes


.Main Cargo offloading pumps

.Stripping, Spray & Emergency pumps

.HP & LP Fuel gas systems

.HP & LP vaporizers & Heat exchangers

.BOG reliquefier systems

Low carbon fuel gas systems

(LNG, NH3, H2) – as fuel

.HP & LP Fuel gas systems

.HP & LP vaporizers & heat exchangers

.BOG recondenser systems

.Integrated, customized FGSS systems

System level Reliability

Designed and Produced to provide uninterrupted functionality & lifetime

  • Nikkiso builds broad/complete pump skid systems (not just components assembly), including HP Vaporizers (when specified).
  • Nikkiso pump systems include Full scale Instrumentation & Control logic.
  • Nikkiso pump systems are Engineered and Tested to Optimal Control functionality, and peripheral instruments/piping are taken into account & designed for such (i.e. enhanced redundancy, etc).
  • As a consequence, Nikkiso pump skids are having the smallest footprint for efficient space adaptation to the E/R of the ship.

Working with Shipyards and FGSS Integrators

.Complete fully functional LNG HP pump skids including Vaporizers

.Reduce assembly work and functional FGSS process work for Integrator

.Complete fully functional LNG HP pump skids including Vaporizers for quick direct Shipyard Integration

Marine FGSS pump units


Low Pressure submerged centrifugal LNG pump

Over 300 units delivered as LNG feed and emergency pumps

DVX-150 MSP 3GU PUMP SKID Flow : 1~7.5 m3/hr

The Worldwide Standard for Marine High-Pressure Fuel Gas System

Over 200 units equipped for MEGI fitted LNG fueled ships

Nikkiso Product Portfolio for LNG Carriers

Methanol ship fuel system

The LEWA triplex® diaphragm metering pump is suitable for high-pressure processes and can safely transport toxic or flammable fluids. It can be provided as a complete system for easy installation. All components, including control and protection systems, are designed and applied in the most appropriate manner. The system complies with various domestic and international standards.

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